H2 Solutions can help organisations of all sizes deliver a data archiving solution designed to ensure that your business information is stored according to business value.

Our experience allows us to independently recommend archiving solutions based upon what best fits your organisation and and how to seamlessly integrate this into your overall data management strategy.

H2S’s team can analyze your current environment to determine the storage, backup and recovery systems that best meet your business demands and workloads. And we know that data storage is a building block for every business, so we design storage solutions both for your current needs and to grow in support of your long-term goals.

Smart data storage can run your business.

Our experts have the proven expertise to integrate traditional and virtualized data storage offerings. H2S believes that smart data storage solutions offer:

  • Enhanced productivity: Help your employees use your data effortlessly and quickly to power your business.
  • Solid protection: Keep your information safe and secure, with the latest firewall and protection services—and no compromises.
  • Reduced complexity and costs: Integrate storage and backup with your business applications, so your technology is doing more work for you.
  • Backup and recovery: Know that you have off-site access to your data—and a plan to recover data if your business is interrupted.
  • Scalable to growth: Take advantage of our recommended systems that can be expanded as your business accelerates.