Our experts understand that no two organisations are the same size, operate in the same way or have the same security challenges. With a wide variety of security issues challenging organizations on an everyday basis, it becomes extremely crucial to have proper preventive systems in place to secure both the IT as well as the physical environment.

Our experts will assess your security requirements, design a solution and recommend the most apt equipment to fit your budget. Our comprehensive security solutions can protect your endpoints, communication systems, gateways, mail servers and office premises so that you can work in a safe and secure environment.

Computer and network security is one of the most critical functions facing any organization today. Ever-changing threats can come from many sources, including emails, malware, viruses and hackers. A security breach can cripple your business operations—not to mention pose a serious liability for you, your customers and your reputation.

Protect your data—and your company.

Our security consultants evaluate your current environment for vulnerabilities and design a custom security plan that gives you:

  • Ongoing protection: Implement security tools that can be easily updated to keep pace with new types of attacks.
  • Streamlined management: Make security a priority for your business with tools and protocols that are easy to implement and use.
  • Comprehensive approach: Close any security gaps in your infrastructure, which includes client interfaces, your email service and much more.
  • Access controls: Leverage best-in-class VPN and related technologies to let only authorized users into your network.
  • Network monitoring and response: Identify potential threats and know that H2 Solutions, as your first response team, will act quickly to tighten defenses—and work to recover your data if a breach occurs.